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Why Human Dignity Union


One out of eight children do not receive the care needed to grow into healthy, happy adults. One out of eight children live without help, guidance, and support. I was one of those eight, and I can confirm that, left unchecked, the consequences of such neglect will haunt these children for the rest of their days.

I had a difficult childhood; my parents got divorced when I was very young, and soon after I lost my father. As a result of this loss, I was sent to live in an orphanage for three years and suffered maternal deprivation till the age of 18. I could not even take care of my younger brother because I was so drained back then. But despite that, I made it! I fought back to regain my life and my dignity. Growing up was not easy at all, I held on to things that were, and I was afraid of what was to come. I was full of anger, hate and fear, and I knew that I had to forgive to heal, but I could not forget.

As an adult, I have been blessed with countless opportunities to help vulnerable children, women, men, and communities. I took each one of those opportunities to heart and gave my all to leave an imprint on each one of them, using my 10 years on television to make a difference. I tried to make up for the little I had growing up by giving children, victims, and people in need what I didn’t. After all, I learned to give not because I had much, but because I knew exactly how it felt to have nothing.

My difficult life taught me that happiness can only result from what we give, which is why QARAMA came to life. QARAMA is a union of givers committed to continuously love, support, encourage, inspire and guide. A challenging passion project that has been 10-years in the making, QARAMA is on a mission to imprint on the lives of many in need and transform their grim realities during these unprecedented times.

So now, when people ask me, “What do you want in life,” a question that we are always asked or ask ourselves, I can confidently say that I know what I want, I want QARAMA. I want QARAMA to give me happiness, freedom, peace and fulfilment so I can give it to those in need. What about you? What do you want in life?

It is a tough world out there, but we are going to keep fighting until our last breath. And if you ever feel like joining our fight at QARAMA, you know how to reach us!

Joe Maalouf

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