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Freedom Of Expression

Freedom of expression is best understood as the ability of people as individuals or members of their families and communities to voice their opinions and ideas without censorship, legal sanction or interference. This freedom extends to a variety of mediums that include written and oral communication, the media, public protest, broadcasting, blogging, social media, and art work among many more.

At QARAMA, we believe that at-risk minority children and young individuals also have the inherent right to express themselves freely within their households and communities. As agents of change and progress, the younger generations have the right to be heard and respected. Therefore, freedom of expression and among children and the youth must be promoted as both a means of communication and a channel through which ideas and opinions flow – primarily at the micro level – in order to achieve their highest potentials as change makers of society at large.


  • Empower children and the youth to voice their opinions and thoughts at any private or public forums in which they engage;
  • Initiate and facilitate communication platforms aimed at restoring healthy community relationships between the youth, their communities and state actors;
  • Carry out capacity building activities and workshops in the areas of freedom of expression, debate, media literacy, communication, etc; and
  • Advocate for the freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas away from the dissemination of hatred, discrimination and violence.