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Child Protection

A child’s safe zone is their family, school, and community. These zones all represent the child’s home, where they are able to access the mental, emotional, and physical resources they need to grow, learn and develop into the best versions of themselves. Unfortunately, the prevailing state of affairs within these safe zones means that children are the most vulnerable when they are there.

Millions of children are targeted regularly by adults at their homes, schools, and within their communities. Most do not have the education or protection to recognize and escape the toxicity of an abusive environment. On a daily basis, children are dealing with violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation, exclusion and/or discrimination, causing them to suffer, stunting their growth, and leaving them feeling insecure and worthless.

We, at QARAMA, believe that children – particularly those in contact with the law and irrespective of their identities – have the right to access their most basic rights such as protection, support and empowerment in order to improve their livelihoods and ensure their proper development.


  • Support children and their families in protecting and promoting the child’s well-being, health and development, provided it is in the child’s best interest;
  • Ensure that children are safe where they live, learn, and play and prevent them from exposure to further harm;
  • Educate children on their rights as members of a larger society and teach them to actively participate in their own protection;
  • Provide legal and psychosocial support to children that needs protection or are in conflict with the law and do whatever it takes to prevent them from being sentenced or sent to jail; and
  • Push for legal reforms, advocate to enhance justice and shape the law.