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Youth Empowerment

A society's foundation is made up of its youth. They are the medium through which societal progress flows. Thus, it is crucial that they participate in all facets of society. Unfortunately, however, many of the youth do not have access to this privilege. On the national level, the youth generally play minor roles in decision-making or policy development. Isolating young people, whether intentionally or unintentionally, can lead to dangerous social phenomena such as drug misuse, illegal and criminal behavior, depression and brain drain to name a few. Such a reality is prevalent at a time when the youth are considered to be core shapers of the future.

Youth empowerment is a mechanism that encourages teenagers and young adults to retain control over their lives. Its aim is to increase one's quality of life by attaining certain goals such as reaching a good sense of self-awareness, mastering decision making, integrating into an unshackled belief set – whether it be moral, spiritual and/or philosophical, achieving social/communal connectedness and individuality, and engaging in all aspects of culture, politics, and society.

At QARAMA, we believe that the youth should be empowered to cement their rightful status as agents of change through the promotion of their active participation and involvement in decision-making processes across both the national and global levels.


  • Conduct workshops in the areas of advocacy, gender awareness, communication preparation and capacity building;
  • Provide skills-based classes and workshops that are relevant to today's workplace and lifestyle;
  • Encourage and assist parents in motivating and supporting their children to complete their studies and pursue their goals;
  • Encourage the youth's participation in society while paying close attention to their thoughts, opinions and recommendations; and
  • Provide a knowledge-based empowerment strategy in the areas of problem solution, decision-making and policy development.